Jordy Gennissen

This is the website of Jordy Gennissen, better known online as Jyy, Jyyan, Usibre or Mensje.


I am a PhD student at Royal Holloway under supervision of Lorenzo Cavallaro and Johannes Kinder.
My interests reach far. My current research is looking into various exploitation techniques.
This covers various techniques for exploitation (e.g. ROP, heap exploitation, DOP), as well as
bug finding (e.g. symbolic execution, fuzzing, taint analysis) and its evaluation.
For more information, look at the About page or contact me!


Simultaneously I am currently the president of AEGEE-London. AEGEE-London is the London branch of a big European organisation called AEGEE with the aim for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe among students. AEGEE-London embodies this by bringing people from different cultures and beliefs together, both locally and at international level.

Bits and pieces

If you are bored, please take a look at a series of challenges I built,
or alternatively look at a few beautiful images of a malicious Android sample:


The images have been generated using Gamut. For Gamut, see "about me".
Theses images have been downscaled to a size where the original malware cannot be retrieved.